New measurement guide feature

07 August 2015

When's a finial not a rail head? When it's a standard finial!

We appreciate that the language of the trade doesn't always tally exactly with how you'd intuitively describe a wrought iron gate or railing component. Whilst we're fastidious in making certain that customers receive exactly what they're asking for, either by arranging site visits or in communication via phone or email, a picture can paint a thousand words!

So to assist in precisely describing your requirements using industry standard terminology, we've created a visual measurement guide for each wrought iron gates and railings page on the website.

We've annotated a standard gate and railing panel image with 14 of the most common features we'll need to discuss with you in order to properly understand what's needed.

Just look for the 'Show Measurement Guide' button on each gate and railing page, it's right below the main image mockup area and above the image gallery thumbnails.

But please also feel free to contact us with any specific questions you may have: we're here to help.